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Astro Planets Hard Candy Pack

Astronaut Edibles Astro Planets are an out of this world assorted pack of 9 Planet Hardy Candy flavours. Made with pure THC distillate. Each Hard Candy Planet contains 20MG of THC dosage 180MG per pack.

– Earth : (Sour) Apple EARTH
– Mars: Strawberry MARS
– Jupiter: Watermelon JUPITER
– Venus: Blueberry VENUS
– Mercury: Raspberry (Sour) MERCURY
– Uranus: Peach URANUS
– Saturn: Cherry SATURN
– Pluto: Pineapple PLUTO
– Neptune: Grape NEPTUNE

9 Planet flavour Hard Candy: 20MG THC PER PLANET : 9 candies per pack : THC 180MG

ingredients: sugar, corn syrup solids, water, natural flavour and colouring.

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Astronaut Edibles

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