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CANNATEK C02 Full Spectrum CCELL Vape Cartridge CBD Catch 22

Cannatek CO2 CCELL Prefilled Cartridge

Prefilled glass atomizer with pure full spectrum cannabis CO2 extract. High quality ceramic coil delivers flavorful vapor on the go. This product is an absolute cannabis extract whereby supercritical carbon dioxide fluid (SC-CO2) is used as an alternative to traditional solvent extraction.
SC-CO2 extraction produces tailor-made natural extracts in concentrated form, free from any residual solvents, contaminants, or artifacts. CO2 is a clean, safe, non- toxic, non-flammable, environmentally friendly, and non-polluting solvent that is easily separable from the extract. SC-CO2 extraction also produces a cannabis extract that is especially high in terpenoid and flavonoid constituents; non-cannabinoid compounds that act as powerful therapeutic synergists as well as providing a reduced side effect for the psychoactivity of THC such as the reduction of anxiety and paranoia.

Cannatek provides quality cannabis formulations to both medical and recreational users in Canada. Cannatek was established in 2011 and has developed a variety of products such as CO2 extract, vape liquid and cannacaps to name a few. Our experience in the cannabis industry, chemistry, technology and extraction allows us to offer superior quality formulations that are rich in cannabinoids without compromising the authentic taste and character of the cannabis strain.

Cannatek Co2 Vape Carts:
• The best full spectrum vape cart in Canada
• 500mg
• full spectrum supercritical Co2 extraction
• lab tested by a Health Canada certified lab.
• solvent free, no butane
• fits on standard vape pen batteries (510 thread).

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