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Disposavape Juul Pod – Gelato


The Gelato strain is a Bay Area native. this San Francisco treat gets its title from the dessert-like aroma, a genetic trait of the Cookie family, as one of it’s parents is Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The other parent strain of this hybrid is the fruity indica Sunset Sherbert.

Gelato is perfect for those who like a pleasant tasting vape flavour. You can expect a combo head and body high with the immediate effect hitting your head almost immediately. THC range is 20% to 25% leaner toward a more indica inspired body effects.


You can expect to feel light and floaty but still be lucid enough to go about your everyday activities. If you want a taste friendly, easily accesible vape for daytime or early evening use, Gelato should be one at or near the top of your list, especially if you want an elevated mood and relief from migraines.


Beware of black market JUUL vape pods that are full of harmful chemicals and toxins. Many low quality products include pesticides and solvents and heavy metals for fillers.
Disposavape is manufactured to the highest quality standards and we use no additives or dangerous chemicals of any sort. We use 100% natural cannabis terpenes with a 90%+ THC distillate content that is top. We use no PG (propylene glycol) or glycerin in our merchandise and all our pods are GMO free.

Disposavape came about because of the high amount of unsafe black market THC pods that were in the marketplace. That, along with homemade hacks made by ripping apart cartridges and injecting them with cannabis oils encouraged us to come up with a better approach.
All Disposavape THC kits and THC vape pods are made to the highest quality with NO dangerous solvents or additives. We only use all natural cannabis terpenes with no PG (propylene glycol), VG (vegetable glycerin), heavy metals or pesticides. Our products are GMO free for maximum purity.


Diposavape kits allow you to change out the JUUL compatible THC cartridges so that you can change the flavourings that you’re using with each kit. This is convenient for people that enjoy a variety of different tastes.
Our cannabis THC vape cartridges work with the JUUL vaporizer system. No need to dump out what’s left in your oven to try something new. Just swap out the cartridge in seconds to enjoy a strain that is new. Switch whenever you like for the convenience without mess. Grab some cartridges [link to pods page] to suit all of your different moods and effects.


You get everything you need to start vaping with your favourite marijuana strain.

Each THC vape kit includes:

  • 1 JUUL compatible battery
  • 1 gram THC pod with your chosen weed oil
  • 1 USB charger

Snap the THC cartridge into the battery pack and begin enjoying your vape immediately!


Juul Vape Pod Cartridge made with ALL Natural Terpenes. No additives. No PG or VG.

1 Gram Pods

** Note Juul Vape Battery SOLD SEPARATELY **

Out of stock

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