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Viridesco RSO Mekong 5ML

RSO is one of the three main product categories from Viridesco.
Rick Simpson Oil (RSO) is also commonly referred to as:

• Phoenix Tears
• FECO (Full Extract Cannabis Oil)
• FPE (Full Plant Extract)

It includes plant oils, fats and lipids as well as cannabinoids and terpenes that are
beneficial in synergy. Therefore, RSO is most beneficial as an edible product, held
under the tongue for sublingual absorption.

Rick Simpson is a Canadian who used cannabis oil to treat his own issues. He
popularized a movement that is sweeping the globe!
The best oils are made by experienced professionals. In B.C., we now have an
extensive network of oil manufacturers who can produce top quality RSO.
The active ingredient in RSO is the cannabinoid Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC),
though other cannaboinids, terpenes, and other plant oils contribute to beneficial
synergy. Viridesco offers RSO containing at least 60% THC, though in rare cases
the concentration can be 70% or higher!
Our RSO is extracted from single strains of cannabis grown in beautiful British
Columbia. Each offering differs slightly in flavour and potency, depending on the
source crop.

This oil is made from Mekong High flowers grown on Vancouver Island, in beautiful British Columbia!

Mekong High is a sativa dominant hybrid strain that is a cross of pure Laos X Vietnamese. This bud is
best known for its super uplifting effects. This cerebral high is surprisingly clear-headed yet stoney at the
same time, leaving you utterly relaxed but with a sense of functional focus and purpose. This is
accompanied by a mellow relaxing body buzz that leaves you utterly at ease with a sense of happy
serenity. The smell of this bud is reminiscent of a fresh cup of herbal tea. The taste is very much the
same, with delicious fresh hints of herbs and spices and an aftertaste of pine and earth.
Our greenhouse growing conditions on Vancouver Island brought out a high production of CBD! These
conditions may or may not be repeatable!

This high-end RSO has been independently tested at MB labs to contain over 68.41% cannabinoids,
including 52.60% THC and 11.30% CBD!

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